Pyramids Origin VIDEO

Egypt Land of, obviously it is not a Commercial web-site. This web site is done with the sole purpose, to share with all of you, the remarkable magnificence that was achieved in Ancient Egypt, during the early awakening of our civilization.

This photo-presentation is divided into three Sectors: Monuments,  |   Pharaohs, (Rulers) |   and Gods & Goddess.

Our single objective, to participate with you, a virtual visit to the Ancient Egypt Pyramids, Temples, and Gods Goddesses Pharaohs monuments, from the artistic and tourist point of view. These Ancient Egyptian exponents have lasted an "Eternity" and let's hope that they will also continue for another considerable Time. So that future generations will be able to see, whatever remains from the past and amuse, appreciating this crucible of Ancient World Civilization!

Goddess Hathor Thotmes III Temple Deir El Bahri
Menkaure (Micerino) Pyramid at Giza Plateau Egypt
egyptian pharaohs
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